Monday 29 September 2014

Laying Shapes with the Layer Perfect

Below is a guide on the correct way to lay shapes using the Layer Perfect.

Laying Shapes

1. Lay the first shape onto a cutting surface
2. Lay the second smaller shape on top and push both to the corner of the Layer Perfect where the right angle is.
3. Find the difference in measurement between the two shapes and half this amount
4. Glue the smaller shape
5. Place the largest shape under the layer perfect as shown by the final measurement
6. Then place the shape to be centred directly on top. This shape will butt up against the right angled steel edges.

Now the shapes are perfectly matted and layered. Remember when working with multiple layers always start with the top or smallest layer first.

The Layer Perfect works with all shapes and sizes including stars, circles and ovals.

For the full list of things to do with the Layer Perfect please click here.

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Have Fun Crafting! 

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