Monday 30 June 2014

Created by Crafters

Lindsay and Margaret from Woodward PDA have been very busy ladies.

Along side many other projects they have created two gorgeous bookmarks using the Stix2 Diecut Bookmark and Bookmark Sleeves. (S57315 and S57317)

Keep sending in what you make we love to see our products being used.

The Red Bookmark was crafted by Margaret and the Spring Bookmark by Lindsay. Both fantastic and both talented ladies. 

For more of our products or order online please visit our website here. You can also contact our sales team or 0191 2697810 

Have Fun Crafting! 

Wednesday 25 June 2014

28th and 29th - Demonstrations in your Area

This coming weekend we have many fantastic Demonstration using our fabulous Stix2 products happening for you.

Rejects Department Store, Kirkcaldy, have Emma joining Lorraine and her team for the day in their craft section. Emma will be demonstration many techniques and sharing her crafting knowledge on the day.

Karen is at the Sycamore Park Garden Centre Craft shop, in Great Sutton. SHe is joining the girls there to showing lots of fantastic new ideas and is there to help with any questions you may have.

Denise from Poppy Crafts in Sheerness has invited Michelle along for the day. With a great bunch of products, projects and ideas for you to join in with.

On Sunday 29th June, Michelle is then traveling to Pink tulip Creations, in special ash Nurseries. Michelle is joining Sheila and her team for a fun filled fantastic day again sharing her ideas and crafting know how with everyone.

We hope you join in and look forward to seeing you there.

For more information on our events and demo days please visit our event page on our website.
Or contact the Stix2 sales team 0191 2697810 or

Have Fun Crafting!

Friday 20 June 2014

Craft Barn Extravaganza with Michelle

Well that was definitely a mega weekend at The Craft Barn. Went from flash floods in the marquee on Saturday to how many layers Michelle could strip down to and still look decent on what felt like the hottest day of the year on Sunday. However The Craft Barn these events so well everything was under control.

Below are a couple of projects Michelle was working on over the weekend using Stix2 Layer Perfect, Hot Melt Glue Gun, Seed Bead and Glitter along side many others on the first. On the second the Stix2 products Michelle used are the Tape Runner, Diecut Large Alteration Tag and again the Layer Perfect.

For information on this or any other Stix2 products or projects please contact our sales team 0191 2697810 or email 

Alternitavely you can view our products or other Stix2 events on our website here.

Have Fun Crafting!

Thursday 19 June 2014

CHA-UK One Big Show

Ready to start at the CHA-UK One Big Show!

 We are here to show our new products to the industry while also to share our business knowledge and crafting tricks while hopefully being about to pick some up ourselves.

Michelle is hosting a work shop at 11.20am and 4.20pm today using the Layer Perfect  and other  Stix2 products.

For more information on the CHA-UK One Big Show happening today and tomorrow please click here

Or for more information on any Stix2 events please visit our events page or contact the sales team 0191 2697810

Tuesday 17 June 2014

21st June - Demonstrations in your Area

This weekend we have 4 fantastic in shop Stix2 demo days all ready for your entertainment.

Aldridge Crafts in Attleborough, Annette will be with Jane and her team again showing different ways to be using the Hotmelt Glue Gun, Its not just for sticking!

Weavervale Garden Centre craft shop, have Karen joining them sharing her ideas for the 2015 Calendar, a great idea for the new year.

QuickDraw Crafts in Totten, Southampton, Jayne will be there with Laura and the team showing how to use the Diecut Stencil Sheets with other Stix2 products.

Cardwell Nurseries craft shop in Gourock, have Emma popping over for the day, to show Pauline & her team for the Craft Fair happening all weekend. Emma will be sharing some of her handy tips and tricks using her favorite Stix2 Products.

Lots going on this coming Saturday, so we hope to see you there.

For more information on any our of demonstrations please visit our events pages or contact the sales team on 0191 2697810 / 

Have Fun Crafting!

Monday 16 June 2014

And The Winner Is.....

Anne Emery! 

For her fantastic Garden shed card. We loved how the shape was different and used the Double Sided Tape for the roof, Foam Pads for her sign and Glue Dots for the spade and flowers. 

We hope your Father In-law loved his card as much as we did. 

Congratulation Anne! Your parcel is on its way! 

Fathers Day Competition

WIN A Stix2 BUNDLE worth £80.00

This Fathers Day we want you to be as crafty as possible and create the most extravagant Father's Day card possible using Stix2 Products for the chance to WIN a Stix2 Goodie Bag worth £80.00

Enter the competition HERE!

You can post a Picture on our Facebook...
Tweet us your Picture...
Comment in our Blog...
or Post your entry to the address given here.

Don't forget to let us know what Stix2 Products you have used and include as many others as you like!

We can't wait to see what you are crafting and look at all of your amazing ideas. There is no restrictions on other products you wish to use, so feel free to go wild!

The winner will be announced on 16th June 2014!

Good luck and as always: Have Fun Crafting! 

For further information click here or contact or call 0191 2697810

Sunday 15 June 2014

Whats in the Bundle ...

£80.00 Bundle up for grabs by Entering our Fathers Day Competition! 

In the Stix2 Fathers Day Competition Bundle you have the chance to win:

Competition details and Enter click here.

Layer Perfect S57321 - £14.99
2015 Calendar S57309 - £5.49
Craft Glue Dots S57051 - £11.79
Hot Melt Glue Gun S57234 - £9.87
Hot Melt Refills S57235 - £1.77
Seed bead and Glitter Gold S57079 - £2.99
Seed bead and Glitter Silver S57080 - £2.99
Tape Runner S57269 - £2.99
Tape Runner Refill S57270 - £1.99
Non Slip Grip S57306 - £1.79
A4 Masking Sheet S57268 - £0.99
Diecut Release Sheet S57136 - £1.49
Diecut Stencil Sheet S57329 - £1.99
Craft Foam Pads Circle S57255 - £0.99
Craft Foam Pads 5mm x 5mm x 2mm S57050 - £1.07
Tissue Paper Blue S57243 - £0.99
Tissue Paper Pink S57242 - £0.99
Tissue Paper Gold S57240 - £0.99
Polyester Tape 6mm x 16m S56947 - £2.66
Ultra Clear Tape 6mm x 15m S57085 - £2.93
Diecut Flower Pink S57298 - £0.99
Diecut Flower Lavender S57301 - £0.99
Diecut Heart S57325 - £0.99
Diecut Bird S57326 - £0.99
Diecut Butterfly Pink S57290 - £0.99
Diecut Butterfly Lavender S57293 - £0.99
Shiny Transfer Foils S57106 £1.56
Pick Up Pencil S57265 - £2.65
Silicone Glue S57100 - £3.64

All up for grabs by sending us your fathers day card! for Competition details click here.

Or for more information contact the sales team 0191 2697810 or

Last Day!

Last Day to get your entry in to WIN the bundle! 

Final Day before we announce the WINNER Tomorrow!

Get your entry in before you miss out on the Stix2 Goodies worth £80.00

Email, Tweet or Facebook us a picture of your father's Day Card! 

Saturday 14 June 2014

2 Days to Go!

Times getting tight now ...

...only 2 days remain to be in with a chance to WIN £80.00 of Stix2 Goodies!

Too late to Post so email, Tweet or Facebook us a picture of your Father's Day Card!

Have Fun Crafting!

Friday 13 June 2014

3 Days to Go!

Only 3 Days remain to be in with the chance to WIN the Bundle worth £80.00 

Email, Facebook, Tweet or Post your Entry to us before we choose a WINNER on 16th June!

Have Fun Crafting!

Thursday 12 June 2014

4 Days to Go!

Continuing the countdown to WIN the Stix2 Bundle of £80.00 Goodies!

Email , Facebook or Tweet us a picture of your card or send it in by Post!

Not much time left. Competition closes and winner announced 16th June.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

5 Days to Go!

The count down has begun to the end of our competition!

Don't miss out on the change to WIN a bundle of Stix2 Goodies worth £80.00 

Email , Facebook or Tweet us a picture of your card or send it in by Post!

Competition winner announced 16th June! The day after Father's Day!

Have Fun Crafting!

Tuesday 10 June 2014

14th June - Demonstrations in your Area

This Saturday the 14th June we have Michelle visiting Crafty Corner at Sutton Green Garden Centre, Woking. They are hosting an exciting Stix2 demo day along side other crafty products. We hope you can come and join Tina, Rex and the gang for what will no doubt be an entertaining day.

For detail on this or any of our events please visit our events page or contact the sales team or 0191 2697810

Father's Day Competition Bunting


For the Father's Day Competition it doesn't have to be a card... Look at this fabulous Bunting our Demonstrator Emma Whyley has made. Below is a 'how-to-guide' to make your own bunting and submit it before you miss on the chance to WIN the Stix2 Bundle worth £80.00

For Competition Details please click here.

or email a picture of your card to

Handmade By Emmy Whyley.

Things you will need:

Layer Perfect S57321 / S57322
Crafting Sheet  S57132
Diecut Card Shapes Large White Alteration Tag S57324
Diecut Card Shapes White Scalloped Square S57284
Diecut Card Shapes Kraft Alteration Tag S57307
Double Sided Polyester Ultra Clear Tape 12mm x 16m S56993
Paper Raffia Kraft GRD81192KRAFT
Hot Melt Glue Gun S57234
Hot Melt Glue Sticks S57235
Silicon Glue S57100

Woodware Perfect prints 6" x 6" Stack Pads
Art & Craft Metal Copper Leaf
Dome Brush
Woodware Larger Tie Stamp (FRS309)
Hemp Cord
Alphabet Stickers
Craft knife ( Pencil and Scissors)


Start by cutting the pennants, I used 3 different patterned papers from the 6" x 6" paper stack pad. Cut in half using the Layer Perfect line up on the 3” mark and cut down with a craft knife.If you do not feel confident with a craft knife draw a pencil line and cut with scissors.

Next use your Layer Pefrect to cut the triangle from the bottom end of the strip of paper, ensuring that the layer perfect is the same measurement on each side at the 2" mark.

Then fold down the top of the pennant 1/2“, this will be the flap to thread through the raffia to string up the bunting. Decorate two of the pennants by wrapping raffia around, securing with a knot. Then to strengthen the pennant and also to secure the raffia and the flap cut the top off the Diecut Large White Alteration tag to create a large sqaure and secure to the back with double sided tape.

Then attach the scalloped square die cuts with silicon glue. To add dimension, decorate with hot glue embellishments. (See below for information on how to make embellishments.) Also not forgetting the glitter letter.

To create something a little different on the bunting for the middle pennant i added a the brown Kraft tag and "sugar spun" glue effect on top of a different patterned paper. Tie the hemp cord around the top and secure in place with silicone glue.

How to make Embellishments:

To create the hot glue embellishments you need to work with your hot glue gun directly onto your non stick craft sheet. Creating a blob of glue press  the acrylic stamps directly into the hot glue, please be careful when doing this as the glue is extremely hot and can cause burn. When cooled it will turn a cloudy colour and safe to touch.

For the middle tag create a "spun sugar effect". Once this has cooled  and dry cover with copper leaf, shiny transfer foil, or Dreamweaver powders for your desired effect. In this project the embellishments were covered with copper leaf. For Stix2 tri-packs of Seed Beed and Glitter add when the glue is wet.

Once the tags were decorated I threaded through Raffia through the flaps along the top of the pennants.

Have Fun Crafting!

Monday 9 June 2014

Father's Day Competition Inspiration Card

Don't forget to enter for the chance to WIN the Stix2 Bundle of £80.00

Here is a Father's Day card to Inspire you in the competition.

For Competition Details please click here.

Handmade by Emma Whyley.

Things you will need: 

Layer Perfect S57322 / S57321
Non Stick Crafting Sheet S57132
Diecut Card Shapes Kraft Alteration Tag S57207
Glue Application Tool Tape Runner S57269
Paper Raffia Kraft GDR1192KRAFT
Hot Melt Glue Gun S57234
Hot Melt Glue Sticks S57235
Silicone Glue S57100
Stardust Card French Blue SGBCA4FBLUECARD

Woodware Perfect prints 6" x 6" Stack Pads
Art & Craft metal Copper Leaf
Dome Brush
Woodware Larger Tie Stamp (FRS309)
Color Box Archival Dye in Black
Recycled A4 card in Kraft
Acrylic Block
Craft Knife (Pencil and Scissors)
Sizzix Big Shot
Sizzix Embossing Folder Woodgrain


Start by running the kraft card through the embossing folder, to create this fabulous wood grain effect.

Cut a sheet of 6" x 6" patterned paper in half using the layer perfect, line up on the 3” mark and cut down with a craft knife. If you do not feel confident with a craft knife draw a pencil line and cut with scissors.

Next use your layer perfect to cut the triangle from the bottom end of the strip of paper, ensuring that the layer perfect is the same measurement on each side at the 2" mark.

Attach this to the wood grain card with the permanent tape runner.

Wrap around Raffia and secure in place with a knot.

fold a sheet of A4 stardust card in half to make the card itself. Cut this down to my required size using the Layer Perfect. Then attach the woodgrain card to the stardust card with silicon glue for added dimension.

Use the Layer Perfect to ensure you have a perfect border of stardust card around.

Next create your hot glue embellishments creating a blob of glue directly onto your crafting sheet. Stamp directly into the hot glue using the acrylic block and please be extra careful as the glue is extremely hot, leave to cool. Once this is cooled remove the stamp carefully from the hot glue and add either add Dreamweaver dust, Transfer Foils or Copper Leaf. For this I used the Copper leaf. For Stix2 Seed Bead and Glitter add when the glue is wet.

Stamp your chosen sentiment onto the Kraft tag and add this as well as the hot glue embellishments to the card. I secured the hot glue embellishments with small blobs of hot glue as I find that his holds it best.

Have Fun Crafting!

Tuesday 3 June 2014

7th June - Demonstration Days in your area

This coming weekend's demonstrations days we have lined up for you are;-

The Craft Barn in Lingfield are holding their summer crafting Extravaganza Saturday AND Sunday. Michelle will have all our exciting Stix2 products including the new Clear Extra Thick Acetate, S57320, and will be showing her fancy techniques for you.

Doodleso in Prestatyn have our lovely Kirsty coming along on Saturday to join Emma and show you more interesting things you can do with the Hot Melt Glue Gun, S57234, to use this as more than sticking things together alongside other exciting techniques and projects. 

Don't forget to ask the girls about ideas to enter our Fathers Day Competition to WIN £80.00 worth or Stix2 goodies. 

for more information on these or any of our demonstration days please see out events page or contact the Stix2 team 0191 2697810 /

Have Fun Crafting! 

Monday 2 June 2014

Clear Extra Thick Acetate

New to Stix2 in February this Clear Extra Thick Acetate, S57320, is great for those unique projects to work on.

Thick enough to stand proud and strong enough to hold the weight of added extras. At 300 microns thick this Clear Extra Thick Acetate can be written on with Markers, easily cut with scissors or a Die Cutting machine. In this  pack you get 4 Sheets for £1.98.

As well as being used as a backing for your card the Clear Extra Thick Acetate is perfect use for stencils. Simply by Die cutting your chosen image and craft away. This works best with Bigz Dies and following the manufacturing instructions. With being clear this helps you place your image onto your project without having to guess or question whether this is in the correct position.

Another use for the Clear Extra Thick Acetate is that is can also be embossed with your Die cutting machine and emobssing folder to really bring the image to life adding a little colour from your Ink pad, Mica Power mixed with water and many other ways.

For more information or to view other products visit or contact the sales team on 0191 2697810 email Order Reference S57320.

Have Fun Crafting!