Monday 1 September 2014

Snowflake Christmas Card

Time to start getting ready for Christmas. Here is a simple yet beautiful card you can make to share the Christmas Joy.

Handmade by Jenny Redfern

Things you will need:

A4 Stardust Black Glitter Card SGBCA4CHARCOALCARD
A4 Stardust White Glitter Card SGBCA4WHITECARD
Craft and Foam Pads 5mm x 5mm x 2mm S57050
Craft Foam Strips 5mm & 3mm x 2mm S57318
PVA Glue with Nib S56890
Ultra Clear Double Sided Tape 6mm x 15m S57085

Black Gems
Woodware Corner Punch
Woodware Inverted Corner Punch
Die Cutting Machine
Sweet Dixie Set of 3 Snowflakes SDD011
7" x 7" White Card and Envelope


Cut a white Stardust square 6 3/4". Then using the corner punch, punch the 4 edges to round them.

Cut a black Stardust square 6 1/2 " and using the inverted punch, punch all 4 corners and save the bits that come out.

Place the bits in the 4 corners of the 7" x 7" card.Use the  PVA Glue and nib to stick them down.

Layer the black square on top of the white square using double sided tape.

Cut out all 3 sizes of snowflake in the white Stardust card, but before you take the card out of the middle die, draw around the hexagon aperture in the middle and cut it out with a craft knife.

Cut out the largest snowflake in the black Stardust card, but before the card is taken out of the die, agiain draw around the hexagon aperture in the middle and cut it out with a craft knife.

Start to layer them onto your card . The largest white snowflake goes on flat with PVA Glue.

Then the black hexagon goes on using foam pads.

The middle white framed snowflake goes on using narrow foams strips cut to size.

The last snowflake goes on flat inside the aperture of the middle one, see photos below.

Decorate with Black Gems using the PVA Glue and Nib.

Have Fun Crafting! 

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