Wednesday 23 July 2014

What you can do with the Layer Perfect

Layer Perfect by Stix2 has many different uses listed below and we also have a video available to watch on our website, just click here.

The Layer Perfect Uses :

The main purpose of this tool is to create perfect matting and layering of papers, card,
photographs and die cut shapes or mix of the above. It also doubles up in a multitude of ways

• Find the centre of a 12” x 12” sheet of card
• Find exact position to place a 6” x 6” square of card on a 12” x 12” layout or 8” x 8”
• Accurately position matted greetings onto a card
• Draw curves or circles then cut along the pencil markings
• Draw faint curves to position gems, embellishments or die cut shapes
• Create holes for stitching with a pokey tool or holes for stitching with thread
• Accurate positioning of embellishments by using the evenly spaced holes along either edge
• Create accurate points on pieces of card
• Make use of the steel cutting edges, to cut and measure instead of a ruler
• Use as a stamp positioner
• Use a fine micron pen to create dots rather than holes
• Accurately place photo’s from 2 edges onto a scrapbook layout
• Made to align with a 90degs angle
• Matt and layer ovals, rectangles, stars, circles, even scalloped edged shapes - any shape
• Small stamps can be placed onto the acrylic Layer Perfect without damaging either.
• Create unusual shaped cards
• Perfectly align and layer any shape with two points of reference
• Grid background to help with cutting, measuring and positioning
• Deep enough to layer with thin 3D foam pads and 3D craft dots

The Layer Perfect is transparent so needs to be kept clean using the Adhesive Remover. It is also great for measuring with accuracy.

Handmade by Emma Whyley.

For more information on the Layer Perfect or any other Stix2 products, please visit our webpage or contact us on 0191 2697810 or email

Have Fun Crafting!

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