Friday 12 September 2014

Stitching and Gems with the Layer Perfect

The Layer Perfect is a fantastic tool for drawing curves and circles, matting and layering and many other things, however did you know its great for helping position your brads, gems pearls and many more. The Layer Perfect has holes along the outside edges where you can make a mark and evenly distance away your desired stitch or gem.

Creating Stitching

Simply push your pokey tool through the holes at the chosen distance from the edge of the card to create evenly spaced faux stitching

Precise Positioning for Gems or Pearls

Use a pokey tool to create evenly spaced markings to position gems, pearls and buttons. The Pick up Pencil is a handy tool to have at this point to help with the fiddly bits.

To view all the Layer Perfect uses please click here. 

Have Fun Crafting! 

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