Wednesday 16 December 2015

Christmas Opening Times

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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Monday 7 December 2015

Mount 'n' Stamp Review

Another lovely product review from Workshop on the Web. Sam has taken the time to review our Mount 'n' Stamp Foam and this is what she had to say about it.

"Stamps come in a variety of forms, mounted onto wooden blocks, with a foam backing (which allow them to be adhered temporarily to acrylic blocks) or ‘loose’. You are more likely to get ‘loose’ stamps in the form of red rubber stamps. The Mount n Stamp Foam is designed to transform these stamps into those where you can adhere them onto acrylic blocks. It is very easy to use. The foam comes as an A4 sheet and you cut it out to the size of your stamp. Peel the backing paper off the foam, stick to the stamp and you are ready to print. I used this on a moulding mat. It gives you a firmer surface to print with or make an imprint into clay."

Stix2 A4 Mount n Stamp Foam is available from

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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Printable Acetate Review

Another product review by Sam at Workshop on the Web this time on the Printable Acetate.

"My original plan for these sheets was to use them for my review of Jacquard SolarFast (this review was posted onto the Members’ Facebook page and WoW Blog over the summer). The printed
acetate didn’t work too well for that process (you really need to use the SolarFast film), which left me with some printed designs that I really liked but wanted to find a use for. This particular sheet was made up of a blend in Photoshop of a tree scene and a case of birds from the Natural History Museum in New York. It created a layered image where trees and branches were visible but was a bit flat. I printed it out in colour onto cotton and the same image again onto the printable acetate with an
inkjet printer.  Both pieces were then cut into strips (the cotton lengthways and the acetate widthways) and woven together in part. This was later enhanced by stitch."

"The acetate printed clearly and easily and once the ink was dry, the image was stable. It can be stitched through both on machine and by hand."

Stix2 Printable Acetate Sheets are available from

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