Thursday 17 April 2014

Easter Pouch Card

This happy little chickie will make any Easter Day! Use it to share an Easter note or your Easter greetings.  Perfect for Kids!

Handmade by Jenny Redfern

Things you will need:

Stardust Glitter Card Yellow SGBCA4YELLOWCARD
Stardust Glitter Card Orange SGBCA4ORANGECARD
Diecut Card Shapes Large Alteration Tag S57324
Diecut Card Shapes Cream Scalloped Oval S57289
Diecut Card Shapes White Oval S57286
Ultra Clear Tape Polyester Tape 3.5mm x 16m
Tape Pens- Tape Runner S57269

White With Yellow Dots Paper
Spellbinders Scalloped Circles
Googly Eyes
Yellow Ribbon
Woodware Large Flower Punch
Die Cutting Machine


Cut a piece of the dotty paper 3.5" x 5".

Cut a strip of the yellow stardust card 3.5" x 9".

Stick the dotty paper on the white side of the stardust card at one end using the tape runner.

Using the scalloped die place it at the end with the dotty paper stuck to it and hang half the die off the die cutting machine so that when it goes through it'll only cut half the die on the card.

Fold the stardust card back on its self at 3.5" to create the pouch and stick together with the polyester tape.

Layer the white oval on top of the scalloped cream oval.

Stick the other white oval onto the white side of the yellow stardust card you have left over. Cut around this and then cut the oval in half. These are to make the wings.

Punch out two orange flowers and cut them down to make the feet.

Use one of the left over orange petals for the beak by cutting it in half.

Put double sided tape down the edge of the pouch and don't forget to place the wings inside before sealing together.

Stick the layered ovals in the middle of the front flap, add a greeting if you wish.

Stick the beck and feet on using the polyester tape.

Tie ribbon round the tag and put it in the pouch & then stick the googly eyes on. Again, add a greeting onto the tag if you wish.

Have Fun Crafting!

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