Monday 7 April 2014

Easter Chick Goodie Bag

Is there a better way to share the joy of Easter than with this gorgeous Chick Bag? Ideal for Kids!

Handmade by Jenny Redfern

Things you will need:

Stardust Glitter Card Yellow SGBCA4YELLOWCARD
Stardust Glitter Card Orange SGBCA4ORANGECARD
Self Seal Card Bags 70mm x 110mm S57310
Ultra Clear Tape Polyester Tape 3.5mm x 16m
Silicone Glue S57100
Fine Copper Dispensing Nib K910
Self Adhesive Hook Discs S57027
Self Adhesive Loop Discs S57026

Orange Ribbon
2 Googly eyes
Spellbinders Scalloped Ovals
Spellbinders Dahlia Dies
Woodware Large Flower Punch
Die Cutting Machine
Hougie Board


Cut the yellow stardust card 6" x 8.5" .

Using the Hougie board score at  3" 4", 7" and 8" on the card. The half inch you have left is for the flap.

Turn the card round and score that side at 1" this is the base for the bag.

Crease all score lines and cut the base flap on the score lines.

Using the scallop oval die, cut a hole in the front flap. This is the 1st section in the 3" on the card you scored.

Use a piece of left over yellow stardust card & cut the middle sized Dahlia to make the Chicks face.

Punch out 2 flower in orange card and cut them down for the feet.

Using the orange card, fold a small piece over and cut out the beak.

Stick the bag and base together, using the flaps and the polyester tape.

Using the orange ribbon, tie a pretty bow and stick this to the body using the silicone glue.

Stick the feet, and head on to the body using the polyester tape.

Place the googly eyes and beak on the face using the silicone glue and fine nib.

Place some chocolate eggs  or other goodies in a self seal card bag and place then inside the chick bag.

Use hook and loop circles to seal the bag which will also make it reusable.

Have Fun Crafting!

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