Tuesday 25 March 2014

Spring Gift Tag

Easter is on its way - Why not attach a "Happy Spring" tag to brighten up any present!

Handmade by Emma  Whyley 

Things you will need:

Diecut Card Shapes Large Alteration Tags S57324
Diecut Card Shapes Flowers S57295
Hotmelt Glue Gun S57234
Hotmelt Glue Refills S57235
Crafting Sheet S57132
Stardust Glitter Card BottleGreen SCR51063510BOTTLE
Layer Perfect S57322 / S57321
Beads and Glitter BlueS57078
Pick Up Pencil S57265

Dotty Flower Trio Stamp set
Happy Spring Stamp
Versafine Ink Pad
Dreamweaver Metallic F/X powder
Pokey Tool
Foam Piercing Mat
Stencil Brush
Tombow Pen
Embroidery Thread
Tapestry Needle


On the non-stick craft sheet, make 6 petals and one additional circular gem for the flower centre, with your hot melt glue gun and glue stick.

Once these are dry brush over with Dreamweaver powder, the more you ‘buff’ the petals the deeper the colouring will be. For your flower centre sprinkle the micro beads to make this stand out.

Assemble the flower shape, adding a hot glue blob to secure in place. Once this is dry add the circular gem in the centre of the flower.

Use the layer perfect to pierce holes for the stem of the flower onto the white tag. Cut a leaf shape from the green stardust card and pierce holes down the centre.

Using the embroidery thread and needle, stitch the stem and the leaf into place on the tag.

Stamp directly onto the Die Cut flower and colour in sections with the Tombow pen for additional detail.

Curl the edges of the flowers with a pick up pencil and layer the die cut flowers on top of each other. #

Secure in place with the hot melt glue gun.

Place the hot glue flower in the centre of the die cut flower and secure onto the tag with the hot glue gun. Add a stamped sentiment ‘Happy Spring’.

You can create the same card many time with different coloured petals, keeping the centre the same or changing the colours, Even using different Tombow pens or none at all create a different look for this tag.

Have Fun Crafting!

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