Wednesday 7 March 2018

Make your own Benny the Bunny Easter Box

Great way to present chocolate, Chicks or any Easter gift thanks to Jenny Redfern.

To make your own Benny Bunny you will need ...

A4 Pearl Bronze Card A4300PEARLBRONZE
A4 Pearl Misty Rose Card A4300PEARLMISTY
A4 Pearl White Ice Card A4300PEARLWHITEICE
A4 Pearl Oyster Shell Cream Card A4300PEARLOYSTERSHELL
Craft Foam Pads 5mm x 5mm x 2mm S57082
Ultra Clear Tape 6mm x 15m  S57085

Heart Punch
Die Cutting Machine 
Hole Punch

How to... 

  • Cut Bronze card 29.5cm by 21cm and score this at 4,14,18 and 28cm the extra bit is the flap to stick it together.
  • Score the shorted side at 2cm (this is the bottom of the box) 
  • Using tonic layering dies Oval and Circles - die cut- (Sizes count from the smallest die out)
    • 2 x Eyes from White Ice Card, size 1, circle die
    • 2 x Cheeks from Bronze Card, size 2, circle die
    • 1 x Head from Bronze Card, size 9, circle die
    • 2 x Ears from Bronze Card, size 6, oval die
    • 2 x Inner Ear from Misty Rose Card, size 3, oval die
    • 2 x Feet from Bronze Card, size 4, oval die
    • 2 x Inner feet, from Oyster Shell Cream Card, Size 3, oval die
    • 1 x Tail, from Bronze Card, size 6, oval die
    • 1 x Inner Tail from Oyster Shell Cream Card, size 4, oval die
    • 2 x Hands (paws) from Bronze Card, size 4, oval die
    • 1 x Nose from White Ice Card, size 1, circle die.
    • 1 x Teeth from White Ice Card, Heart Punch
  • Die Cut a hole in the front panel for the window, Using the Ultra Clear Tape, stick a rectangle of Extra Thick Acetate behind. Everything else is layered up with 2mm foam pads.
  • Fold the edges of the card in to create your basic box and stick together with Ultra Clear Tape.
  • Hole punch the card at the top to be able to thread the ribbon before attaching the head.
  • Cut whiskers from the White Ice Card and stick to the head using the 2 in 1 Glue Pen along with the eyes, nose, cheeks and teeth to the head.
  • Using the Foam Pads later up and attach the ears to the head and then the head to the body.
  • Layer up the feed and tail with the Foam Pads and again using the Foam Pads attach this to the body. 
  • Attach the paws with Foam Pads
  • Use the ribbon to give Benny a bow 
  • Fill your box and tie the bow 
Thank you Jenny for this wonderful box. Please visit Jennys Blog for more of her work.

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Have Fun Crafting!

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