Tuesday 10 January 2017

Mixed Media Tote Bags

Mixed Media is all the rage at the moment and with supermarkets now charging for their carrier bags, Tote bags are also becoming more popular. So why not create your own and make it personal. Debbie Frost has done just that as you can see below.

Handmade by Debbie Frost.

Things you will need:
Craft & Mixed Media Iron S57360
Stix2 with Heat for Various Materials S57357
Stix2 with Heat for Delicate Materials S57356
Parchment Paper S57359

Love Collage Stamp
Hand drawn Sentiment stamp set
"Butterflies" stamp set
Color Factory Spray fabric paints
Colorbox "Bloom" mask
Crafters inkpads
Dutch Doobadoo Geometric Tiles mask & Pearl pen

For more information please contact 0191 2697810 or sales@stix2.co.uk

Or to view more of Debbie's projects click to Crafty Debs. 

Have Fun Crafting! 

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