Wednesday 12 October 2016

Spooky Halloween Box of Bats

Give your friends a spooky fright this October with this fun Halloween Box of Bats made by Jane Collman.

Handmade by Jane Collman

Things you will need:

A4 Black Card A4250TINTBLACK
A4 Orange Stardust Paper SGBCA4ORANGEPAPER
A4 Charcoal Stardust Card SGBCA4CHARCOALCARD
Tape Runner S57269
Glue Pen S57361

Die Cutting Machine


Cut base of box shape out of Black Tinted Card and using Layer Perfect, cut decorative strips enough for both inside and out from Orange Stardust Paper.  Your Layer Perfect will also help you to position the strips before sticking with a Tape Runner. Do not stick square to base yet!

On reverse of orange base square mark the positions where you are going to cut to allow for acetate strips to be threaded through.

You will need a heavyweight acetate for this otherwise the weight of the die cut shapes will be too heavy causing it to flatten. Use the Extra Thick Acetate and cut thin strips to thread through slits as shown in photo.  Use Ultra Clear Double Sided Tape to stick base square to box.

Trim acetate and stick die cut bats to acetate strips using Ultra Clear Double Sided Tape and then decorate inside of box using the Glue Pen and Pick Up Pencil to help with placement.

Make lid from Black Tinted Card and add Orange Stardust Paper panels to outside and top only.

Decorate with more die cut bats and letters.

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Have Fun Crafting!

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