Thursday 29 September 2016

spOOky Card

The fabulous Jane Collman has created this spoooooky Halloween card perfect for all you witches and wizards out there with a wonderful googly eye centre.

Handmade by Jane Collman.

Things you will need:

Black  Tinted Card A4250TINTBLACK
A4 Orange Stardust Paper SGBCA4ORANGEPAPER
A4 Charcoal Stardust Card SGBCA4CHARCOALCARD
Tape Runner S57269 / Runner Refill S57270
Pick Up Pencil S57265
Glue Pen S57361
Layer Perfect  Imperial S57322 / Metric S57321
DL White Card and Envelope S57341
Hot Melt Glue Gun S57234 / Hot Melt Refills S57235
Non Stick Crafting Sheet S57132
Iridescent Glitter S57304

Die Cutting Machine
Circle Punch
Googly Eyes


Use Layer Perfect to cut and position a piece of Orange Stardust Paper and Black Card.  Stick the black layer to the base DL Card using a Tape Runner. Before adding the orange layer, mark position on rear and with a hole punch or dies, cut out two circles big enough for your google eyes! Add the orange layer to base card with the Tape Runner and use Ultra Clear Tape to stick eyes in place. Die cut letters from Charcoal Stardust Card and use the Glue Pen to stick in place.

Carefully drizzle Hot Glue onto the Crafting Sheet in lines to make spiders web and sprinkle iridescent glitter over the top.  Allow to cool on sheet. When cool stick to card using a little hot glue on rear of web and attach in the corners.

Add some bats and pumpkins to finish using the 2 in 1 Glue Pen.

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Have Fun Crafting!

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