Friday 5 August 2016

PVA and Canvas Art

When creating Canvas work you need to get your chosen image spot on or this can ruin your art work.  Did you know you can use the Stix2 PVA Glue and Tissue Paper to help with this.

Apply a thin layer of PVA Glue to your Canvas to seal in your inks and allow to dry either naturally or using a heat tool to speed the process up.

By stamping onto the Tissue Paper and heat setting with the Craft and Mixed Media Iron and Parchment Paper you can position your image perfectly without the ink running when wet. 

Apply a thin layer of PVA Glue for a smooth finish or dab the brush over the top for a textured effect. This allows the Tissue Paper and your image to blend into to the background you created. 

Again allow to dry naturally or using a heat tool. 

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Have Fun Crafting!

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