Friday 6 May 2016

Tattered 3D Flower

Here is a lovely How to for making a 3D floral applique for your tote bags.

Handmade by Jenny Redfern.

Jenny has used...

Stix2 with Heat for Various Material S57257
Parchment Paper S57359
Die Cut Release Sheet S57316
Craft and Mixed Media Iron S57360
Crafting Sheet S57132

Crafter's ink pad-Sweat pea
Stencil Brush
Tattered Floral 659441
Circle Punch


Cut 7 large flowers and 7 small flowers in you desired fabric and colours.
Punch or die cut circles to fit the size of the center of the flowers. Using the Die cut release sheets helps remove the punched pieces from your punch.
Distress the petals on each flower with crafter's ink.
Put your Iron on high heat and start layering the flowers on top of each other. Do  this one at a time with a circle of fabric adhesive in between each. Only hold the iron for 5 to 7 second in between each flower.

Cut an extra small flower circle and cover it with the crafter's ink this will create the centre of your flower. Place this in the center and cover with parchment paper, Iron on and wait to cool before removing the parchment.
Scrunch up each layer into the center and release each layer to get the tattered look.

For more information please contact or 0191 2697810

Have Fun Crafting!

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  1. I love this flower and I've made it into a brooch as well.
    Happy crafting everyone.