Monday 24 August 2015

Just for You Tag

Handmade by Karen Mackie

Things you will need:

Large White Alteration Tag S57324
White Die Cut Butterflys S57291
Hot Melt Glue Gun S57234
Transfer Foils S57106
Stix2 Glue Stick S57073
Non Stick Crafting Sheet S57132

Purple Ink
Woodware Ink Brush
Patterned Stencils
Embossing Folder
"Just for You" Sentiment Stamp
Satin Ribbon


Using the  Woodware brush, and Purple Ink, Cover the Tag with a dusting of ink. Placing the Crafting sheet underneath to get the edges without staining your surface underneath.

Use Stencils to add ink pattern in a darker colour of ink.

emboss the butterfly die cuts and colour with the inks.

Stick the butterfly's to the to tag using the Stix2 Glue Stick and trim off the edges where needed.

Using the Hot Melt Glue Gun create little dots down the back of the butterflys. Allow to cool and press the transfer foils on top to create the shiny dots. (Remember the Transfer foils are dull side down).

Stamp  your sentiment onto the tag and add ribbon to finish.

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