Monday 20 July 2015

Hot Melt Glue Gun - Top Tip #3 - Seed Beads and Glitter

Using the Hot Melt Glue Gun to make embellishments and the Seed Bead and Glitter Tri-Packs are both wonderful to look at and easy to do. For this we suggest you use a Messy Tray by Woodware. 
The best way to do this is to first create your blob of Glue and while this is still hot, pour the Glitter, Micro Beads or Large Beads directly on top. Don't worry about over spill, this is what the messy tray is for. 

*For the Large Beads sometimes it works best to push them a little into the Glue but please be careful as to NOT burn your fingers*

Allow some time for the glue to dry and lift your finished product out!

This also works great with the Clear Plastic Beads.

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Have Fun Crafting! 

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