Thursday 16 April 2015

Baby Boy Card

Princess Kate is welcoming a new baby soon but is it a boy or a girl??
Here is a lovely homemade baby boy card to help celebrate! 

Handmade by Jane Collman.

Jane has used...

Layer Perfect S57321 / S57322
Craft Foam Pads 3mm x 3mm x 2mm S57101
Hobby and Craft PVA Glue S57048
Glue Glider Pro S57128 / S57129
Tinted Kraft Card A4250TINTKRAFT
Pearlescent Fresh Blue Card A4300PEARLFRESHBLUE
Gingham Blue Card A4250BLUESMALLGHIN
Embossed White Hammer Card A4300WHITEHAMMER

Woodware Baby Stamps
Black Ink

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Have Fun Crafting!

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