Thursday 20 November 2014

Textured Rudolph Fridge Magnet

This is a fun and fantastic fridge magnet which spreads the Christmas joy into your kitchen. Perfect for a crafty gift on a budget.

Handmade by Michelle Johnson

Things you will need:

Cardboard Sheet S57125
Double Sided Polyester Ultra Clear Sheets S56971
Transfer Foils Silver S57112
Transfer Foils Gold  S57111
Seed Bead and Glitter Silver S57080
Clear Plastic Beads S57333
Iridescent Glitter S57304
Craft Sheet S57132
Flexible Magnetic Discs S56989

Die Cutting Machine
Sizzix Tim Holtz Prancing Rudolph
 6" x 6" Perfect Prints
Chunky White Embossing Enamel
Versafine Vintage Sepia
Blue Ink
Dreamweaver Moonstone Mica Powder
3/4" Stencil Brush
Heating Tool
Scissors / Crafting Knife


Throughout the process, have the crafting sheet underneath to protect your surface.

Cut a 105mm x 150mm square from the cardboard sheet and cover the grey side with double double sided polyester sheet.

Using the Die Cutting machine place the reindeer in the centre of your cardboard sheet, polyester side up. Once this is cut, peel off the backing sheets around the reindeer leaving Rudolph covered.

Using the foils (dull side down) and the lid from the embossing pot, add large circles to the adhesive sheets. Do this again with the glitter pot lids to add small circles. Mix the silver and gold foils with the sizes randomly on the project.

Holding the glitter tube in one hand place the small circles created with the foils over the top and tip upside down to add glitter to the middle of the circles. Hold this firmly in place as to not add glitter to the rest of the exposed adhesive sheet. Turn back so that the remaining glitter falls back in the tube and repeat on the other circles.

Using the embossing powder repeat the above step with the larger circles. Sprinkle some extra chunky white embossing power randomly over the adhesive sheet and head on a low setting to melt the embossing powder.

Dust the remaining exposed adhesive with moonstone mica powder.

Drag some blue ink along the edges and randomly over the image to colour some of the raised white powder. Do the same with the vintage sepia ink along the edges and create lines by using the edge of the ink pad.

Stick another sheet of heat resistant adhesive onto the back of the cardboard. Peel off and attach your chosen 6" x 6" paper, white side attached to the adhesive to have a pattern for the back of your magnet. Trim off the excess paper.

Peel of the cover for the reindeer and fill  with clear plastic beads gently pushing the beads into place. After this fill the gaps with iridescent glitter.

Finally peel off the adhesive back to the magnets placing one in each corner.

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Have Fun Crafting! 

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  1. This is awesome! In the flesh it is absolutely stunning!