Tuesday 10 June 2014

Father's Day Competition Bunting


For the Father's Day Competition it doesn't have to be a card... Look at this fabulous Bunting our Demonstrator Emma Whyley has made. Below is a 'how-to-guide' to make your own bunting and submit it before you miss on the chance to WIN the Stix2 Bundle worth £80.00

For Competition Details please click here.

or email a picture of your card to sales@stix2.co.uk

Handmade By Emmy Whyley.

Things you will need:

Layer Perfect S57321 / S57322
Crafting Sheet  S57132
Diecut Card Shapes Large White Alteration Tag S57324
Diecut Card Shapes White Scalloped Square S57284
Diecut Card Shapes Kraft Alteration Tag S57307
Double Sided Polyester Ultra Clear Tape 12mm x 16m S56993
Paper Raffia Kraft GRD81192KRAFT
Hot Melt Glue Gun S57234
Hot Melt Glue Sticks S57235
Silicon Glue S57100

Woodware Perfect prints 6" x 6" Stack Pads
Art & Craft Metal Copper Leaf
Dome Brush
Woodware Larger Tie Stamp (FRS309)
Hemp Cord
Alphabet Stickers
Craft knife ( Pencil and Scissors)


Start by cutting the pennants, I used 3 different patterned papers from the 6" x 6" paper stack pad. Cut in half using the Layer Perfect line up on the 3” mark and cut down with a craft knife.If you do not feel confident with a craft knife draw a pencil line and cut with scissors.

Next use your Layer Pefrect to cut the triangle from the bottom end of the strip of paper, ensuring that the layer perfect is the same measurement on each side at the 2" mark.

Then fold down the top of the pennant 1/2“, this will be the flap to thread through the raffia to string up the bunting. Decorate two of the pennants by wrapping raffia around, securing with a knot. Then to strengthen the pennant and also to secure the raffia and the flap cut the top off the Diecut Large White Alteration tag to create a large sqaure and secure to the back with double sided tape.

Then attach the scalloped square die cuts with silicon glue. To add dimension, decorate with hot glue embellishments. (See below for information on how to make embellishments.) Also not forgetting the glitter letter.

To create something a little different on the bunting for the middle pennant i added a the brown Kraft tag and "sugar spun" glue effect on top of a different patterned paper. Tie the hemp cord around the top and secure in place with silicone glue.

How to make Embellishments:

To create the hot glue embellishments you need to work with your hot glue gun directly onto your non stick craft sheet. Creating a blob of glue press  the acrylic stamps directly into the hot glue, please be careful when doing this as the glue is extremely hot and can cause burn. When cooled it will turn a cloudy colour and safe to touch.

For the middle tag create a "spun sugar effect". Once this has cooled  and dry cover with copper leaf, shiny transfer foil, or Dreamweaver powders for your desired effect. In this project the embellishments were covered with copper leaf. For Stix2 tri-packs of Seed Beed and Glitter add when the glue is wet.

Once the tags were decorated I threaded through Raffia through the flaps along the top of the pennants.

Have Fun Crafting!

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