Tuesday 13 May 2014

Vintage Heart Tag

This is a beautiful vintage effect tag to add a special effect to any gift.

Handmade by Michelle Johnson

Things you will need:

Large Alteration Tag S57324
Die Cut Heart S57325
3mm Craft Dots S57116
6mm Craft Dots S57115
None Stick Craft Matt S57132
Tape Runner S57269

Music Paper
Vintage Sepia Versafine Ink
White Organza Ribbon
Embossing Heat Tool
Butterfly Punch Small
Butterfly Punch Medium


Cover the bottom of the tag with music paper using the tape runner to secure the bottom, left and right edge to leave a pocket.

Dab some ink onto the craft sheet and lay the tag, butterflies and heart flat.

Use the brush to add shadows and shading to the edges of the heart and tag.

Dab ink directly from the ink pad onto the punched butterflies with the brush to create a stippled effect.

Attach the heart with craft dots to the tag sliding it into the pocket.

Dab ink onto the ribbon, thread through the hole and heat with an embossing heat tool to curl.

Use craft dots to attach the butterflies once the ink is dry or use the heat tool to speed up the drying time.

Have Fun Crafting!

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