Wednesday 12 February 2014

Mothers Day Card using Layer Perfect

Mother's Day is slowly approaching and will be with us soon. Here is a fantastic idea to create your own card for Mother's Day.

Handmade by Jenny Redfern

Things you will need:

Craft Foam Pads 12mm x 12mm x 2mm S57038
Layer Perfect  S57321 / S57322
Ultra Clear Tape 6mm x 15m S57085

Verso square base Affections die set
Verso mothers day Affections insert die Gems
8" x 8" White Card
Pink A4 Card
White A4 Card


Cut a 6" x 6" white card out, use the Verso dies nesting inside each other to cut frame out for the centre of the card & layer it up on a 7" x 7" pink card.

Using the Layer Perfect go round the white 8" x 8" card marking every other hole in the Layer Perfect tool & place a gem on top of each mark to make a lovely border.

Using the Layer Perfect , layer the pink card on top of the 8" x 8" card using your craft foam pads.

Stick gems on to decorate.

Have Fun Crafting!

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